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School Counseling Curriculum

Vision Statement: PS 065 Cesiah Toro Mullane's school counseling program promotes a culture of positive and supportive relationships with the goal of providing each of our students with a safe, welcoming, and culture responsive environment. Our counseling program encourages community engagement and collaboration among all stakeholders to promote equitable access to education and school counseling supports in our community. 
School Counseling Mission Statement: The mission of the School Counseling Program at PS065 is to provide comprehensive school counseling services to all students within a positive, empowering, and supportive environment. Our school counseling program is designed to develop and support (equip) students' academic, social and emotional, and future career aptitudes through the use of strategic and cultural-responsive interventions. Our counseling program at PS065 is data-driven and focuses on providing a developmental appropriate initiatives and interventions to promote academic skills, social, emotional competencies, and career readiness through a multi-tiered system of supports. We strive to equip our students and their families with essential tools to overcoming the social-economical barriers that they face in their communities.