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Student Council

Being part of the student council presents a unique opportunity for young students to learn organization, leadership and teamwork skills and prepares them for later student government positions. Our intention is that by involving students in school functions beyond just their classrooms, the student council gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their talents while learning useful skills for the workplace and community. 
Student council consists heavily of collaborating with school staff to organize school initiatives and share concerns, ideas and possible solutions from a student perspective. Students and parents will kindly be invited to virtual school workshops. Student council members will also lead peer-to-peer chats, reflections and school initiatives such as  breakfast positive affirmations.
Student council is a group of students elected by their peers to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities. This year we have the following positions available for 5th grade:
-Class Representative- One student from each class
-Vice President
Responsibilities for each role:
Class Representative
Students attend all Student Council meetings and bring the ideas, interests, and concerns of his/her classmates to the meetings. They report back to the homeroom class regarding what was decided at a meeting. The student serves on committees and encourages other students to get involved in Student Council activities. 
Students must promote themselves, communicating the benefits that other students will get from the presidential candidate. Once elected, the student president runs the council. The student president can call for meetings. To set a good example, presidents often must maintain high grades.
Vice President
The vice president also handles issues related to public relations and fulfills duties when asked by the president. The vice president is often responsible for directing committees. The vice president must maintain high grades, like the president.
The class secretary's main responsibility is to keep track of records or minutes from meetings, functions, projects, and activities. This is a good position for students who are detail-oriented, organized, and good at communicating. Secretaries also tend to be in charge of communicating news to the student body and to the school administration.