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Ms. Mulligan


In Physical Education we learn the importance of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through play and movement. Students learn games while improving their motor skills, cardiovascular endurance and social skills. Activities are geared towards developing teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. In addition to games and team sports, all grades participate in the NYC Fitnessgram (fitness assessments, more information can be found on the NYCDOE website). I have a love for fitness and my goal is to motivate your students to love it as well.

NYC Fitnessgram
NYC FITNESSGRAM is an annual fitness assessment for students in grades kindergarten-twelve that helps students and their families develop personal goals for lifelong fitness. Students complete the assessments in Physical Education class. NYC FITNESSGRAM is not a graded test, and the results are confidential.
You can view your child’s NYC FITNESSGRAM results and more information about NYC FITNESSGRAM on your NYC Schools Account.
You can also ask your child’s PE teacher to print out your child’s report. PE teachers can help you understand:
How the test was administered
What the results mean
How your student can make a personal plan for staying healthy and fit

You may also want to share your child’s NYC FITNESSGRAM report with your health care provider. The NYC FITNESSGRAM reports can help start conversations about eating habits and levels of physical activity needed for good health.
What is on the NYC FITNESSGRAM assessment?
Grades K-3: Students are measured for height and weight only.
Grades 4-12: Students are measured for height and weight, and complete five fitness activities that assess strength, endurance, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.